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Upali Warnakulasuriya,

The Chairman of Lanka Talents


Starting my journey from being a farmers’ child to an Executive Manager in an international group of companies, was a challenging passage. As a young boy the only advice I was given was to study hard and I will be successful. Using this as my daily motto in life, I worked hard day and night to pass exams and get selected to a state university.

After another four years of hardship and finally graduating, I believed my problems were over and my life would change. Unfortunately, after hustling all my life to educate myself I faced myself with the sad reality of being jobless. Despite being educated and qualified, I was turned down by several companies for either poor performance at interviews, lack of good networking or for weak proficiency in English.

I somehow managed to start my professional career with very humble beginnings and it was a totally different challenge to survive in the industry. Climbing the career ladder from the bottom to a Chief Executive position, I overcame many struggles by building myself with every passing year in my 40-year-long career. I had the privilege of working in leading companies in across many segments, based in Sri Lanka and overseas. With every challenge, I  wished  I had some personal guidance. My career path could have been so much smoother with the right guidance.

It was my objective to uplift the hard-working citizens and create a path for the younger generations, to gain knowledge and guide them with every step they take so that they face their challenges with confidence. With this objective in mind, the concept “Lanka Talents” was born and it’s my vision to make this platform a personal coach to all our candidates seeking to climb the career ladder. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that through proper guidance and coaching our candidates will face their challenges with self-confidence and self-esteem.

I invite all of you to join hands in the vision, to help create Sri Lankan professionals who can achieve their dreams in the local and international market. I also invite all the professionals to share their knowledge and experience, so we could keep raising the standards and improving the service we provide to our candidates.